martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

It's not sci-fi, it's the overcoming of an animal

Five months ago, Mandy ´s leg was amputated with a saw in a horrific case of animal abuse, however Let's Adopt got save his left leg and now he has began to use the right leg thank the implantation of an exo-endopróstesis in an operation that it has been performed only a few times in the world. His story is a message of hope for the effort of this type of associations that take care to the many homeless dogs in our country.

Mandy was found just before Christmas in the field with the two front legs cut off, the right leg was completely amputated, hanging from a piece of skin and the left leg had terrible injuries with ruptured tendons. Since we told you in your day. READ NEWS

Viewing video posted by the animal shelter in facebook ,you can understand what has happened to the dog.

Let's Adopt handles extreme cases of animal abuse, it is important that this group receives grants and donations may be made easily through your Paypal account.

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