martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

50 dogs need urgently find forever homes

The extraordinary role of associations of animal protection and animal shelters in Andalusia is sometimes complicated and it isfraught with difficulties. Javier Laguna Balebona is the manager for two years of the refuge “La Sonrisa Peluda” in Campillos, an inland town of Malaga,  he has worked not only with great dedication but also little money.

The refuge survives through sporadic donations and collaborations with other associations and to date they have always been paid the rent of the plot. However, last week ,owners reported that they want to sell the place and unfortunately all dogs that are living in the refuge must go from there. Javier has only three months to get adoptives or foster families for their 50 dogs and they are not left homeless.

Javier was able to transform a place that had been so far his kennels business as a shelter where animals rescued himself or neighbors and other animal protection sent to him .He only has until the end of July to find a definitive home their dogs

It has been created an event onFacebook to seek support and adoptive families.

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